Establishing a 1M area is made up of six stages of activities. We use this playbook for development, based on an initial 12-18 month timeline, with overlapping cohorts and quarterly showcases.

1. Mobilize partners

1M starts with a braintrust of space owners, operators, and city partners focused on a one million square feet area (about three football fields in each direction). 1M hub partners commit resources, spaces and incentives applied at the block level.

2. Assemble spaces

With a 1M area mapped and an in-market community team engaged, we work with building owners and landlords to onboard spaces onto the 1M platform, along with the first wave of creators and services ready for area launch.

3. Recruit creators

Based on the area vision, we curate spaces with creators, entrepreneurs, engineers and makers. Creators are provided with access to a digital toolkit, mentorship, marketing support, and community activations to drive engagement for their ventures.

4. Launch projects

Our community team works with creators and brands over 3-6 month periods (cohorts), supporting pop-up activity, prototyping experiences, testing service offering, and promoting in-store and in-area experiences - creating fast, visible impacts in 1M spaces.

5. Showcase area

Working with 1M hubs, we host area-wide showcase events (at least once per quarter) that highlight 1M powered projects and spaces and bring new consumer and community activity to the area. This encourages connections, dwell time, and increased opportunity for creators.

6. Transition operations

After each cohort of projects, we work to transition spaces to growing and sustainable ventures emerging from 1M. Together with our hub partners, we continue to support creators through the platform, providing tools and services that help to grow and scale their operations.

Building with 1M

1M builds win-win situations through a shared platform for co-investment between entrepreneurial brands, private developers, community champions and city leaders.

Real estate owners and developers

  • Accelerate lease ups, increase dwell time, improve service offer for tenants
  • Reduce retail leasing risk, focus investment
  • Commit space and resources for projects and activation

Business improvement districts and zones

  • Building agnostic partner to advance goals for the improvement district
  • Enhance area experience with access to new and interesting options
  • Provide hub leadership, area curation and activation

Cities and economic development

  • Focus public resources, leveraged against private investment
  • Execute faster, build momentum for long-term area development plans
  • Provide matching funds for projects and incentives

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