How does 1M work?

1M helps communities discover and grow creator-driven projects, experiences, and services that fuel work and life downtown, one million square feet at a time. Our place discovery platform mixes online tools and people-powered curation to advance the next wave of talent, retail growth and real estate value in modern cities. 1M helps local creators boost visibility, provides insights and drives leads to help them grow their business and brand in the neighborhood.

Who's behind 1M?

1M is developed and operated by Makespace Group Inc., in partnership with a global braintrust of leading minds, brands and companies working to transform downtowns and cities. We created 1M based on our experience gathering modern creators and consumers across a portfolio of over one million square feet of space in cities. We've designed, developed, curated and activated unique gathering spaces, urban campuses and branded environments, from retail stores and event spaces, to co-working spaces, maker spaces and food halls. Together, we’ve collaborated with real estate companies, startup founders, brand owners and economic development organizations.

What's the business model?

  • Signing up for a 1M user account is free.
  • Creators list on 1M for free, with access to a dashboard, premium promotional tools and services. We do not take commissions on sales or earn affiliate fees.
  • We partner with space owners and building landlords through a mix of revenue sharing and master leasing agreements that support 1M projects.
  • Business districts and economic development partners support annual costs to run 1M in-market, plus provide matching funds for accelerator projects.

What's the accelerator program?

We work with local and global partners to provide matching funds for projects through a 1M accelerator program. It offers hands-on mentorship, digital tools, seed funding and accelerated time constraints to quickly scale and grow full-time tenants and uses. After the accelerator wraps, we work to transition spaces to growing and sustainable ventures emerging from 1M.

When/where are you launching 1M?

Our first 1M neighborhood is in our own backyard in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, named the most liveable city in North America, and one of the youngest populations in the country. 1M Calgary will start by activating a one million square feet area concentrated on a group of buildings downtown, along Stephen Avenue Walk between Centre Street and 2nd Avenue SW, and along 1st Street SW.

What's a creator?

Creators are the founders, entrepreneurs, designers, artists, developers, engineers, and organizers who make our cities and downtowns interesting places to gather. We work with creators to help them build projects, experiences, services, ventures, campaigns, meetups and more.

What's the benefit for creators?

1M helps creators promote their offerings, services and products, with the area tenants who live and work in the buildings around them. 1M features unique products, services, projects, crowdfunding campaigns, experiences, events, classes and spaces. We help creators increase visibility, enhance engagement, provide better insights and drive leads. Submit a 1M project →

What's the benefit for space owners?

1M partners with building owners to develop space through short-term, concession-based or direct leasing agreements. We activate these spaces with unique concepts, brands and retailers that grow into scalable occupants. By curating tenant and service mix, 1M helps building owners optimize portfolios, helping to accelerating lease-ups on adjacent space. Activate your space →

How do you set up a 1M area?

1M starts with strong on-the-ground community partnerships. 1M hubs mobilize local leaders, organizers and partners to steward, curate and accelerate projects and spaces in a 1M neighborhood. Hubs can be run and organized by a single operating partner or consortium of partners. These people have a vested interest as building and business owners, tenants, workers, residents and community members in the developing the area they live and work in.

What's your criteria for a 1M area?

We're looking for a few key things when we set up a 1M neighborhood:

  • Located in and/or near downtown
  • A diverse mix of existing spaces and buildings with occupancy challenges
  • Presence of active startup communities, grassroots organizers, and emerging food makers working on the ground to make things happen in a city
  • An active business district organization (BRZ, BIA) or economic development organization, building on an established area development plan or strategy that 1M can partner with
  • Existing and/or planned commercial or multifamily developments in the area being led by private developers
  • Cities that ideally have a population of 500,000 or more

How do I get 1M in my city?

We're currently working behind the scenes in multiple cities and neighborhoods to establish 1M hubs and accelerators in 2020 and 2021. Get in touch →