Accelerate with 1M

The 1M Accelerator is a downtown development program that pairs project curators with space, resources and mentorship to turn pop-up concepts into permanent uses.

1. Mobilize partners

Accelerators start with a braintrust of space owners, designers and city partners who commit funding, square feet, and incentives to projects.

2. Accelerator spaces

1M works with building owners and area tenants to identify spaces and desired uses and service as a baseline for project curators.

3. Recruit curators

A cohort of project curators are recruited from communities to build or scale new concepts in selected spaces along the block.

4. Launch projects

Over 4 months, project curators are provided with a toolkit, funding, mentorship, and marketing support to drive engagement for their ventures.

5. Showcase area

At the end of each cohort, we host an area-wide showcase event that highlights accelerator projects, bringing more activity to the area.

6. Transition operations

After each cohort of projects, we work to transition spaces to growing and sustainable ventures, and/or prepare spaces for new projects.

Frequently asked questions

What's the purpose of the Accelerator?
What kind of projects are eligible?
Is there a cost, or do you expect equity?
How does an organization participate in the Accelerator?
How do I submit my project?

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