1M. Boosting hundreds of small projects, under-utilized spaces and entrepreneurship to accelerate how we reactivate downtowns - one million square feet at a time.

Micro-neighborhoods for creators and consumers

Buildings and neighborhoods must be nurtured as living, breathing communities powered by a mix of scrappy startups and established brands that align to changing tenant tastes.

Boosting small, visible projects build momentum

Reactivating areas isn't about filling vacant space with mega tenants or big vision redevelopment strategies. It's about learning from hundreds of moves that build momentum over time.

Downtowns are best experienced from the ground up

Retail spaces and building lobbies can be more than security checkpoints and elevator banks. They are highly visible social amenities, gathering places and service hubs for a neighborhood.

Making time for dwell time and place context

Promoting round-the-clock activity beyond 9 to 5 transforms downtowns from simply office spaces to work into neighborhoods where housing, social and retail amenities intermix.

Mixing right use, right price across a network of spaces

Working with multiple building owners “one block at a time”, we can test and scale an evolving mix of services and amenities, versus leasing spaces in silos that create disjointed experiences.

Humans will always need IRL places and spaces to connect

As digital connectivity continues to evolve rapidly, we can’t let the old rules of city planning and real estate development stifle how we connect, gather and build in real life.

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